Amy P. was recently on The Approval Matrix, and was asked about the difficulties the “modern man” face. 

Her response was perfect.

(gif via amypoehler, article via micdotcom)

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when it’s almost your turn on the blunt and the person holding it starts telling a story




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this is the definition of human trash

people trying to defend him, he’s been racist,homophobic etc countless isn’t acceptable

I genuinely can’t stand him

Trash ✋

imagine what his parents must be like

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honestly my dad is such a freak he never says goodnight like a normal person he just says “i’ll be back” and he goes upstairs and when you ask where he is or go looking for him hes asleep and the next morning when you see him he just says “good morning im back’ like what is wrong with him

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More like PORKOUR

pun husky dot jpeg


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RIP to the thousands of turkeys being slaughtered in the name of “giving thanks” and “peace on earth”.

And RIP to all the Native Americans who are completely forgotten/have their genocide glamorized and covered up by this holiday

RIP to my asshole after all the food is done being digested

RIP to my bussy after getting pounded by my cousin in the bathroom after thanksgiving dinner


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You know what really gets to me, and I’m sure many know this, is the blatant abuse and betrayal that white photogs display in POC countries. Every time a photo has gotten famous like this photo did in history, the actual focus of the photo is left behind in the dust while the white photog is hailed as a hero for displaying the ills of that country. He didn’t even fucking ask her name. He didn’t ask for 17 years. The world knew nothing about her life and her story. He captured one moment that made him famous and she got nothing.

Every time I see this photo, I seethe.

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